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Hotel Don Javier Quality Formality

Edition: 01
Date of approval: 04/01/2006

HOTEL DON JAVIER clearly declares it intention to offer all the customers a competitive services; for this reason, it has implanted a model of high quality formality within the organisation, wich aim is to achieve the satisfation that customers hope, through processes established and based on a continuous inprovement.

The HOTEL DON JAVIER high quality formality is designed so the accommodation and catering services that render, were carry out efficiently and correctly, using for it suitable measures and in the way that the highest results were obtained.

To carry out the suggested aims, the HOTEL DON JAVIER high quality formality,based on the reference standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2000, bases on the follow basic pillars:

These aims are been comunicated and spreaded between the staff of the organisation, just as this high quality formality and the Annual Plans of Quality stablished by the organisation.

The HOTEL DON JAVIER direction promise to carry out these aims and to spread them into the organisation, just as the carryng out of internal auditing that will check this formality and, in general, the model of high quality implanted.

Ronda, 4th of January of 2006

Signed: Rafael Vallejo Carrasco
Manager CEO

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